Bob Bavasi's Guide to Japanese Baseball 

Daily News, Scores, Standings, Stats, Directories plus Baseball Ticket, Travel and Tour Information

News/Scores offers up-to-the-minute Japan baseball news with the latest stories, scores and standings direct from Japan. Includes a daily wrap of major Japan sporting events plus the upcoming day's entire sports lineup.

Statistics shows in-season League Leaders in both the Central and Pacific Leagues.

Baseball Japan has an overview of Japanese teams, schedules, stadiums, maps, web sites, team predictions and more.

Baseball Travel presents complete details on how you can see Japan and its baseball in a most in-depth way.

Tickets Online gives you a safe, guaranteed, no-hassle way to order Japanese Baseball and Sumo tickets by credit card.

Media Guide has information about the only Japanese Baseball Travel and Media Guide in English.  

The JapanBall Hall of Fame Cafe is located in a delightful neighborhood restaurant just blocks from the Tokyo Dome.

Photo Galleries have shots and video taken during our Japan baseball visits.

Guest Articles features insights from others about their Japan baseball experiences.  

Colleagues is our attempt to thank those who have so graciously helped us.

Links leads the way to some terrific sites.

Legal sets forth our disclaimers and legal limits.

Contact Us has a form with which to write us, plus other contact information.

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