Fukudome to have elbow surgery in U.S.

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NAGOYA, Aug. 12 (20:18) Kyodo

Chunichi Dragons outfielder Kosuke Fukudome will have endoscopic
surgery in the United States to remove bone fragments from his right
elbow, team officials said Sunday.

Fukudome, who has been complaining of pain in the elbow, had an
examination in Los Angeles on Friday and is likely to go under the
knife some time between Aug. 14 and 21.

The 30-year-old lefty batter will likely be sidelined for the
rest of the regular season as it normally takes about two months to
recover from endoscopic surgery.

Fukudome would have been eligible for free agency by the end of
August but is short by 29 registered days after he was removed from
the active roster on July 24. However, he is still eligible for free
agency due to a special exception incorporated from this season.

A player who was on the active roster for more than 145 days the
previous season is allowed to add up to 60 registered days in a case
of injury.

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