Domestic quarrel no obstacle to signing Jones: Rakuten

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SENDAI, Dec. 27 (18:41) Kyodo

Rakuten Eagles president Yozo Tachibana said Thursday that the
domestic quarrel that resulted in Andruw Jones' arrest was in itself
not an obstacle to the outfielder joining the club next season.

Jones was arrested in an Atlanta suburb early Tuesday morning on
a charge of battery following a drunken fight with his wife. A police
report obtained by the Associated Press, said that around 1:30 a.m.
on Christmas Day a fight broke out between Jones and his wife,
Nicole, after she asked him to help prepare their suburban Atlanta
home for Christmas.

According to the report, Jones said she tried to escape upstairs
but her husband grabbed her ankle and dragged her down the stairs. He
then allegedly got on top of her and said, "I want to kill you."

On Dec. 16, the Eagles announced they had signed the
35-year-old, who was an 11-time major league all-star with 10 Gold
Gloves and 434 home runs. The one-year deal is for 300 million yen,
including the signing bonus.

"The information we have received is that it was a domestic
quarrel that escalated," Tachibana said. "Barring any big surprises,
we intend to go forward with the current contract."

According to the Eagles, Jones' wife now regrets the statement
she made to the police.

On Wednesday, the Eagles published an apology from Jones.

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